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There Is No Segue

Welcome to the Summer of 2021. Do you remember the uplifting song from the ‘80’s and when I hear it today, I still bob my head and sing along, ‘I’m Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves? The video was simple and happy. The song is about a moment in time (if you check out the lyrics) how the singer wants a relationship to change from part time to full time.

I am trying ridiculously hard to focus on the positive things in my life, reduce the emotional baggage, and be happier. Okay, it is a work in progress, but I am trending the right way.

Once a week Emily and I Zoom chat with friends I’ve know since high school. A few months ago we met up with Mike and his wonderful wife Marie. Mike and I also knew each other in high school. We were at his ordination as a Deacon. Mike is legally blind and recently diagnosed with another issue which will hopefully cure itself in a few months.

He is a humble person.

We are fortunate to watch and listen to his Sunday homilies which are taped. His messages are simple and framed around everyday life. He ends his homilies with the words ‘Keep on Loving.’

For the last few months, those words have struck a personal chord. I tell my adult children, my grandchildren, my brothers and my sister more often that they are loved.

After writing all the Applidex stories for so many years I am allowed for once to be a little maudlin.

Maybe for one moment, one hour, one day you will feel like you are walking on sunshine.


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