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Here’s a very simple rating form that you can use as a tool in the hiring of a Sales person. Rate each factor from one to ten, ten being the highest and one being the lowest. Review the score out of a 100.


1 Is the cover letter addressed and written for the specific job?
2 Is the resume carefully thought out containing pertinent and relevant information?
3 What is your initial impression of E-mail or telephone communication skills when setting up the interview?
4 What is initial face-to-face impression?
5 This individual is being interviewed for a Sales position, would you buy something from them?
6 Has the individual done the homework about your company?
7 What kind of presentation skills does the individual possess?
8 How would you rate the candidate’s mannerisms and demeanor?
9 How would you rate the candidates listening skills?
10 How would you rate the candidates closing techniques?
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