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Mailing Lists, Hard Drives and Maximizer

A number of years ago my friend John recommended I purchase a stock called Maximizer. Here in lies the lesson, don’t buy stock your friend recommends and don’t listen to him while at an Oldtimer Hockey Tournament in Niagara Falls. I bought…it died…it went private…I lost!!

We continued to use Maximizer software at Applicants Inc. as a tracking program and for our mailing list. Every day the software continued to mock me reminding me of my poor decision.

A few weeks ago we smelled metal burning in the office. Why pay attention? This went on for a few days until the computer with the mailing list coughed, sputtered and died. We (I mean Emily) had not saved our mailing list on our external drive. We could not retrieve it from the fried hard drive, curses to Maximizer.

We did have an Excel older copy of the mailing list. We purchased new software called My Mailing List that claimed to import Excel files. Oh yeah! Goodbye to Maximizer hello new program. We (I mean Emily) loaded the program and with bated breath imported the Excel file……access denied….what!!!!! This should be easy, we struggled for days until eureka we printed and read the user manual and voila you received our Applidex.

I’m golfing with John in May and we’ll both laugh and cry about Maximizer. The stock that never was!!

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