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So here are 12 days of New Year job searching Martin Thoughts/Tips/Opinions

1. Clean up your resume and have it retooled by a professional
2. Ask a colleague to interview you and find out how bad you are
3. Get a haircut, clean your shoes and suit
4. Interviews are like pearls so prepare, prepare and prepare and rehearse, rehearse and rehearse
5. You have a network so start talking to it or find it
6. Go find a part time or contract position ASAP while you’re job searching
7. Go to the library, get on the internet to learn and talk to colleagues about job searching
8. Keep notes and document your search
9. Attitude is 99%
10. Project a positive, polite aura when dealing with prospective employers and recruiters
11. Recruiters don’t find you jobs
12. Happy New Year

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