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This past Saturday Emily and I drove down to Hamilton invited to my nieces wedding. My sister has 4 daughters and this was the 3rd wedding. The wedding service was long and the minister lost me at “Hello”. I grumbled on the way to my sisters, continued grumbling on the way to the service and peaked as we drove to the dinner reception. I was horrified to find out that we were sitting at the 1st table right at the front with my sister and brother-in-law. We were joined at the table by my brother, sister in law their daughter and my 86 year old mother.

Emily ignored me because of my mood and only spoke with my mom and sister in law. Then the clouds broke and the sun shone for the next hour and a half because my brother Mark, brother in law Steve and me discussed nothing but sports, movies and more sports. It was nirvana. I ‘m warming up to the 4th wedding invitation and I’m looking forward to more discourse on important sport subjects.

My son the nurse has joined a band in Peterborough called Union City. He plays bass. And I like to tell anyone who will listen that they have an important gig in Toronto November 3rd at the Mod Club. The evening is for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. I was relating this to my brother at the wedding and I puffed up as I said “the tickets are $50.00 in advance or $75.00 at the door” (as if the cost equated to their excellent musicianship) my brother answered “Yes I know that already and their next gig is in Montreal. All you want to know is on his Face Book page”. I tried note to show how crestfallen I was.

The next day, I phoned my son. With indignation and grumbling ringing in my voice, I asked “Hi son, how come you didn’t tell me that you’re playing in Montreal and it’s on your Facebook page?” He answered laughing “Dad, The Montreal House is a club in Peterborough”. (He lives in Peterborough). Hey dad how was the wedding….???

I’m chastened, wiser, and happy that my assumptions would bestow such a great weekend……

Martin Harlick
President Applicants Inc.

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