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Dunkirk, Normandy and The Brave

My mother was a keeper of personal old photographs. I took a few of those to be framed. One was of her as a melancholy orphan in the 1930’s and another was of her looking pretty and confident in her…

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Border Guards and Listening

My British cousin and his wife were visiting us in September. We were on the way to Fort Erie and were approaching the town. I turned on the Garmin. The disembodied voice told me to turn in 300 yards onto…

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War Museum, T34 and John Belushi

Emily and I in early January drove to Kingston and then up to Ottawa.  I wanted to tour the War Museum and revisit the armoured vehicle basement room. The room holds 50 vehicles or more, including a German Panther tank…

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Kingston, War Museum and Longwoods

Emily and I took a few days off and spent some time in Kingston and Ottawa, neither of us had visited Kingston. It has a beautiful downtown and harbour. We toured Fort Henry and we were both surprised and impressed…

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Mailing Lists, Hard Drives and Maximizer

A number of years ago my friend John recommended I purchase a stock called Maximizer. Here in lies the lesson, don't buy stock your friend recommends and don't listen to him while at an Oldtimer Hockey Tournament in Niagara Falls.…

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