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Border Guards and Listening

My British cousin and his wife were visiting us in September. We were on the way to Fort Erie and were approaching the town. I turned on the Garmin. The disembodied voice told me to turn in 300 yards onto Central Ave. (my cousin was surprised that the same voice emanates from his device in England). My partner Emily shouted from behind me, “TURN NOW!” I complied and found to my dismay that I was entering the one way duty free entrance and the only exit was to the USA. On the bridge I made a U turn and headed back to the Canadian side and waited in line to return to Canada.

My cousins did not have their passports with them. I finally eased up to the kiosk; the Guard walked over. I was in a state of panic when he asked where we were coming from. I looked him in the eye and meekly said, “I’ll try and keep this short, Sir. We were heading to Fort Erie for a picnic and tour when I found myself on a one way and heading to the States so here we are.”

He listened, looked inside the vehicle and with a calm demeanor said, “You listened to your wife didn’t you.” We’re a pretty good team navigating the business, not so much the truck.


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