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This summer we had purchased online a pair of Blue Jay tickets (best seats) for a Saturday afternoon game. At 8.00 pm Friday evening Emily checked the tickets and saw that they were for Friday night and not Saturday aarrrgh!!! Unperturbed we went back on line and reordered best available for Saturday. We were in the process of purchasing the tickets when a message popped up “Time Out” aarrrgh! We dove back in and reordered and voila we finally had purchased 2 tickets for Saturday. We printed our receipt and realized that the online non human system had billed us for 4 tickets aarrrgh!! A pair of Blue Jay tickets had now cost us 6 tickets. After many early morning phone calls and emails to Blue Jay headquarters we were refunded one pair. The cost of 4 tickets, then a couple of beers and dogs, and roast beef sandwiches at the game and we were in a deficit situation…..highway robbery

My partner Emily returned to the banking industry in 2006. She had been considering this spring rejoining Applicants Inc. full-time. I wanted her back as she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and positive personality with her. After a number of years of marriage I knew best not to push the subject as Emily is very much her own person. Her decision was spurred by 2 hold ups at her branch. Both crimes involved armed perpetrators. The first one said to Emily “Don’t make me use this thing`. In the second the two thieves ran in guns drawn…..real robbery. Welcome back Emily. She continues to tell me daily what a pleasure it is working with me again:

Martin Harlick

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