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I hope you had an enjoyable summer. There has been some change with our small family. Our son has been working as an RN this past year and a half and now our daughter also an RN has started employment this September on the Psychiatric floor. You know the inside joke, ‘living with us prepared her for this choice’. I wish them and your children well as they embark on their careers.

When I started (many moons ago) as a career recruiter everything snail mail was in vogue. I remember our first fax machine and Bob S, setting up our first on line computer. I still type with 2 fingers, put real 1st class stamps on all the Applidex envelopes, care about doing the right things for my clients, and hope the Toronto Maple Leafs will contend.

Both kids now have Blue Ray Xboxes and that’s pretty cool technology.

It’s tough keeping up with new technology. I try to stay current, in the loop, modern, with it, and hip. I silently lust for an IPod, IPhone or Blackberry but I’m not sure I need one. My cell phone keeps receiving marketing text alerts and I ask why. I try and check out all the things my phone does and when I experiment it costs me at the end of the month with surprise extra add ons to my bill.

I am a technological newbie who enjoys playing with the gadgets. Much to the chagrin of commuters and baseball fans I enjoyed snapping pictures this summer with my camera phone of Emily and me on the subway and at the ball games.

When I visit my son I’m going to ask him how the Xbox controller works. I have two very strong typing fingers; it’s the thumbs I worry about. Cheers to snail mail to email, Pong to Halo 2, and Atari me and to my 2 kids who grew up in the technological revolution.

Martin Harlick
Applicants Inc.

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